10 Days of Prayer [2018]

10 days of prayer

Seeing then that we have a great High Priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our confession.”  Hebrews 4:14 NKJV

Welcome to Ten Days of Prayer 2018! God has worked many miracles through the Ten Days of Prayer program since it began as Operation Global Rain in 2006. The Holy Spirit has wrought revival, conversions, renewed passion for evangelism, and healed relationships. Truly, prayer is the birthplace of revival!

During the Ten Days of Prayer, January 10-20, 2018, your group should meet daily in person or by phone for an hour of united prayer. The eleventh day, January 20, falls on Sabbath. This day is a celebration of all God has done in answer to united prayer. We hope these ideas and suggestions will help to make Ten Days of Prayer 2018 a powerful experience for your small group or church family.


Why Study the Apparel of the High Priest?

Everything God makes has a purpose. Every detail has a meaning and a reason for existing. This includes the apparel of the high priest. In the book Patriarchs and Prophets we read that “everything connected with the apparel and deportment of the priests was to be such as to impress the beholder with a sense of the holiness of God, the sacredness of His worship, and the purity required of those who came into His presence” (p. 351). Let’s examine the symbols of the priestly apparel to see what can we learn for ourselves in the twenty-first century.


Suggested Times for Each Prayer Section

How much time you spend on each section of prayer will probably vary somewhat each time you pray together. The following timeframes are suggestions for what typically works well:

  • Welcome/Introduction: 2-5 minutes
  • Reading of Scripture and Ellen White Passages: 3 minutes
  • Praising God in the Prayer Time: 10 minutes
  • Confession and Claiming Victory over Sin in the Prayer Time: 3-5 minutes
  • Supplication and Intercession in the Prayer Time: 30-35 minutes
  • Thanksgiving in the Prayer Time:

Suggested Format for Prayer Time

Churches around the world will unite in praying about each day’s theme. Join them in praying through the Scriptures, quotes, and prayer requests on each theme sheet. However, don’t feel that you must rush through the entire list of prayer suggestions. You may want to divide into small groups and have each group pray for a portion of the list.

Intercede for Seven

Encourage each person to ask God to show them seven people to pray for during the ten days. These may be family members, friends, coworkers, church members, etc. Encourage them to pray that the Holy Spirit will lead these seven people to abide in Christ. Group members should also ask God to show them how they can pray for specific needs and reach out to their seven people during the ten days.


United Prayer Pointers

Agree Together

Claiming God’s Promises

We have prepared a document with different promises that can be claimed in prayer. Encourage the group to claim God’s promises as they pray. It is so easy to focus on our problems. But when we claim God’s promises, we increase our faith and remind ourselves that nothing is impossible with God. The promises help us take our eyes off of our weaknesses and difficulties and set them on Jesus. For every weakness and every struggle we can find Bible promises to claim. Encourage people to search for more promises and write them down so they can claim them in the future.


Invite those joining you in Ten Days of Prayer to consider some type of fasting, such as fasting from TV, secular music, movies, the Internet, sweets, or other types of food that are hard to digest. Use the extra time to pray and study the Bible, asking God to help you and your congregation to abide more fully in Christ. By adopting a simple diet, group members will allow their minds to be more receptive to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit

Be sure to ask the Holy Spirit to show you how or what you should pray for in a person’s life or in a particular situation. The Bible tells us that we do not know what to pray for and that the Holy Spirit is the one making intercession for us.

Physical Togetherness

As you begin a united prayer session, invite everyone to come close together. When people move close together to form a tight circle, it helps to promote a spirit of unity, which is very important for united prayer. If people are spread out in a room, it is also difficult to hear each other’s prayers.


Keeping a prayer journal during the Ten Days of Prayer can be a good way for participants to internalize the daily prayer theme, make concrete commitments to God, and recognize His blessings to them. Writing out our prayers and keeping a record of God’s answers is a proven path to encouragement.


Encourage and model a reverent attitude. We are approaching the throne room of the King of the universe. Let’s not treat this prayer time carelessly in our posture or mannerisms. However, it is not necessary that everyone kneel continuously. You want people to be comfortable for an hour, so encourage people to kneel or sit or stand as God leads and as they are comfortable.

Taking Prayer Requests

Don’t ask for prayer requests from the group. Instead, tell people to pray their requests and encourage others to join in agreement and prayer for those requests. Here’s why: time! Talking about the requests will take up most of your prayer time. Satan is thrilled if he can keep us talking about the problem instead of praying about the problem. Group members will often begin counseling and suggesting solutions. The power is from God! The more we pray, the more His power is unleashed.

Your Daily Time

This is so important! Make sure that you as a leader are spending time daily at the feet of Jesus, talking with Him and reading His Word. If you will make knowing God a first priority in your life, it will open such a beautiful experience to you. “From the secret place of prayer came the power that shook the world in the Great Reformation. There, with holy calmness, the servants of the Lord set their feet upon the rock of His promises” (The Great Controversy, p. 210).


Source: http://www.tendaysofprayer.org